Gluten Free Foods, Henna and Aura readings

Did you know a topical application of Henna relieves #abdominalcramping, #bloating, #burning, #musculardisturbances, #boneandjoint pain, #headaches and #fatigue.

Are you aware that all the symptoms above are also related to gluten sensitivity?

Whether you have already adopted a gluten free lifestyle or are thinking about it, come by this Saturday to learn more about how henna can help your symptoms, while enjoying Gluten Free Delights.  Dahn Yoga will also be offering energy readings for those of you who are interested in knowing about how lifestyle and food affect our auras. 

Please click on the Link attached for menu details.

Its going to be a great night of Art, Education, Health and Well being.  From 6m-10pm at 1111-B Carlisle SE.

#nobhill #glutenfree #glutensensitivity #hennamedicine #ayurveda


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