Henna for Body Arts

How Henna Leaves a Temporary Stain on the skin!

RadicoBeauty : Henna for Hair & Skin Beauty

Henna will not have coloring effect on skin unless lawsone compound is activated and released from the Henna leaves, that is why complete unbroken henna leaf will not stain the skin. So henna leaves are first crushed, dried naturally, milled and sifted to get fine powder which can be used for skin and hair dyeing

Release of lawsone compound is faster in mild acidic medium, hence  lemon juice or strong tea and other mild acidic liquids are used  along with water to make a paste of thickness like tomatoe kethcup which can be used to make body art.

Lawsone in henna paste will react with outer layer of skin. A bond is formed between .

lawsone compound and protein present in skin( collagen) and skin cells, creating a fast stain or so called henna tattoo, imparting a dark brown colouring.  More deep the bonding is better and darker color stain…

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