Henna is a journey through natural medicine, body adornment, spirituality and empowerment. Mendhi is the art form of Henna Application.

This scientific and expressive mixture of Art and Healing makes Henna unique. This combination attracts a diverse crowd.

Let us and others know about your experience with the Henna journey
What attracted you to henna? How did it feel? What about the art work, did it speak to you? How did we support you in your journey with henna?

3 thoughts on “Reviews! 

  1. I hired Pooja for my bridal Henna and for my Mendhi party. Her henna stained very dark on my hands and she was very professional. We discussed various designs and she then created her own unique work, which exceeded my expectations. I received many compliments on my honeymoon and loved the way it looked in the ocean. So beautiful.

  2. We were looking for something unique and different as entertainment for my daughters Batmitzvah and Pooja was a great choice. Everyone had a different henna tattoo and she is so quick that the majority of our guests that wanted to experience her artwork did. I recommend her services to anyone.

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