More Safety Tips & Colored Pastes


 #AlwaysAskTheRecipe  #NoToBlackHenna. 

Below are a few more tips to keep yourself safe:

1)Take a look at the paste, it should be a greenish to dark brown color.  If they are using powder then take a look at the powder, it varies from bright green to dull yellow green. Powders are little more difficult to tell without having them lab tested.  To read more about Henna Powders and its purity please click here.

2) If the artist reassures you that it can be washed off within an hour, STAY CLEAR!!! With natural henna, the longer you leave it on the richer the stain becomes.  Unless you are using pure henna on a regular basis, we recommend keeping it on for a minimum of 4 hours.  Dark stains are achieved through after care and sometimes the use of a sealant helps.

3) Always Ask The Recipe.  If the artist is hesitant or unaware of the ingredients, then its best to keep away.  Its not always that the practitioner themselves are purposely causing harm, they themselves may not have full disclosure or knowledge or are still practicing making their own paste and thus have to purchase henna cones from an outside source.  This is okay as long as the recipe is shared.  Also essential oils are used frequently in both traditional practice as well as new age.  The most common is Tea Tree, which has great benefits but is also known to be an irritant for many.  All that matters is that you are satisfied with the ingredients.

4)Other Colored “henna”: There are many dangers associated with Black Henna, to read more please click here.  Now a days there is a new Fad known as White Henna.  THIS IS NOT HENNA, it is body paint and is relatively safe, again please ask the recipe.  These do not stain the skin they sit on top of the skin and wash off with water.  We make our own mineral paste which is also handmade using hypoallergenic gels or aloe vera guar gum as a basic recipe.  To see a video for Metallic pigment paste for Body art please click here.


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