Pre Appointment Henna Preparation

Henna Prep:

Looking forward to your Henna experience?  Want a dark stain?  Here are some henna prep instructions to enable the best possible application and stain.

1). Prepare the skin by skipping your lotion a day or two before your appointment on the skin where the henna is to be applied.  Instead, use pure coconut oil to moisturize.  If your skin still feels dry, try adding some olive or avocado oil to the coconut oil and apply on the skin. 

Many commercial Lotions,hand sanitizers, body washes, etc. contain synthetic conditioners, waxes and parabens that build film over your skin and clogging up pores.  As Henna is a skin cleanser, it will first work on removing the build up. This extra step will make it harder for the dye molecule to absorb adequately into the skin, leaving you with a lighter stain!

2).  Bathing like your normally do is fine, howeveravoid excessively scrubbing, shaving, waxing, chemically treating the skin the before your appointment.  It is recommended that these be done a couple of days before your appointment.  

The idea of having “nice and clean” surface to work with is nice, but it is counter productive.  The more layers of skin the deeper the dye will be absorbed.

3). Prepare to resume your regular bathing routing after 8hours of removing your paste.

Letting the stain oxidize after removing the hardened henna will encourage your stain to darken.  Visit our ‘What to Expect‘ page to find out more about what the henna application process is.


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