Henna Care Instructions

There are a few steps when taking care of Henna.


First is to wait until it the dries on the outside before moving around to much.  This process takes anywhere from 20-30 minutes.   There are many sealants that can be used from a basic Lemon juice and sugar to using cotton and gauze.  Sealing your design allows the Henna to stay wet longer on the skin without damaging the design.  For a more in depth look at sealant types please refer to Sealant Magic.

How Long?

The Longer we can keep henna on the better it is.  Once the sealant dries overtop of the design, it becomes protected.  If you chose to keep you henna over night there are a few options.  It is recommended that you keep you henna paste on the skin and as wet as a possible for a minimum of 4 hours.  Once the Henna paste is dry and flaking off, sometimes its turned a light green and you can easily see that its fully dry, its time to take the paste off.

Henna Paste Removal

Please do not remove your henna with water.  You take the back of a butter knife and scrape it off.  Depending on the strength of sealant, this process can be easy as the henna simply flakes off.  My sealant is usually strong and thus it takes a little time scraping off the henna. I have added a demonstration video  http://youtu.be/an_VGsY2cJo


Once the henna is removed, the stain is very light, do not panic.  Keep the design out of water for another 24 hours.  Expose it to as much heat, such as the sun as possible.  I like to rub our aftercare oil on it to give it a good boost, however coconut oil or shea butter will work also can be used.

You will see it darken throughout the day, for the next 2 days it will continue to darken.  Here is a link to my youtube channel for darkening secrets http://youtu.be/an_VGsY2cJo


Henna Stain Removal

As henna is a temporary dye that seeps into the various layers of skin, the only way to remove it is alot of exfoliating.  An Ayurveda beauty regiment that will` help you out is boiling cinnamon sticks over low heat in water and covered so the oils stay in.  Once cooled down, soak your design (hands, feet might need a tub full) into the water for at least 30 minutes.  This exfoliates your skin like a charm… it work well for dry feet and athletes foot ;).

If you managed to get henna on your clothes soak in a 50/50 solution of milk (or yogurt) and water right away.  Henna is a permanent stain on cloth.  Good Luck with removing it.






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