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Henna is bush that grows in dry desert regions mostly of Africa, China, India, Pakistan, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Mediterranean. The scientific name is Lawsonia Inermis and it has been used for thousands of years for healing, therapy, art, body adornment and communication.  Its existence is filled with a long history, colorful traditions, cultural, spiritual and religious use and its unique geography make this a subject that fits with any audience.  Learning Henna application is calming, creative and a great way to promote individuality and team work.  Its expression gives us a gateway towards releasing stress, healing our sore muscles and joints and providing a safe way to grow in both personal, educational and professional settings.  To see more of what we offer or to get an idea of what is possible through the art of henna please visit The Henna Fairy webstore.


Providing the Best Henna entertainment and Art work available in New Mexico.  We offer classes, private bookings, corporate bookings, homeschooling activities, graduations, theme parties, bridal parties, cake decorating, afterschool activities, house parties, childrens parties, Celebrations, grand openings, fundraisers, charities and much more.  We also customize our services to fit your audience and work with budgets.


Bringing 100% Pure Medicinal Grade, triple sifted, body art quality henna leaf powder to your door.  We also offer Henna gift sets, Kits, Mineral pastes, premade cones, empty cones, reusable stencils and more.  All available on the The Henna Fairy webstore.



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