Ornaments & Gifts

Ornaments and Gifts embellished in Henna styled artwork,  carries an air of opulence, grace and fluidity, adding to the auspiciousness of any celebration.   Monograms, Insignias, Family Crests, logos… we go as far as your vision.

What kind of gift ideas and ornaments work well with Henna Artwork?

Candles, Lampshades, Journals, Wooden Toys, Wooden Name Letters, Frames,Guest books, Place Cards, centerpieces, Head Pieces, Appreciation Gifts, Cakes, Trays,Guest books, Place Cards, centerpieces, Head Pieces, Appreciation Gifts, Cakes, Trays,

Jewellery Boxes, Trays, Drums/Leather instruments, Wooden Instruments, Vases, Yard Lamps, Scarves

How many can we make?

With our quality standards intact, we  are equipped to s11136629_824206820983888_2643830439725568005_nservice individual requests from 1 piece to 300.  So it’s up to you if you would like to personalize an intimate event or bring a vibe of enchantment to a large event.

How do I order? 

We believe in options and recycling and thus provide henna art services on products that you already have or would like to customize.  This way you can bring us 10404170_399532166891501_6684301100551622240_nsomething old to give it a lift or have us customize a gift that you already have in mind.

Interested in see who we recommend? We have quality trusted, local artisans who create great pieces.

Henna will leave a permanent stain when used on untreated woods, leathers, silks, cottons, jute, paper.  For work done on glass and metals washing safe acrylic is used.





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