Henna Services & Packages

Its versatility make it a hit with guest or as individual experience. The benefits of henna last well beyond the actual time of application too – you will be left with a temporary reminder of your treatment in the form of a stain lasting 1-2 weeks.  Our henna is 100% Pure and free of any additives, thus ensuring safety for all that attend, it’s a therapeutic experience.

Below are some basic Packages for parties as well as individual appointments.  So whether you are having a new mexico style vacation or hosting an event, we will exceed your expectations.

Private Appointments

Are you in SantaIMG_2012 fe or Albuquerque and would love to treat yourself to a Henna Tattoo?  These applications are typically done on the arms, hands, feet oIMG_2028r legs and you are open to meeting in a public place such as a park or coffee shop.  This is good fun where you would still like to enjoy the benefits of henna but also continue with other plans during the day or bring a friend or two to share some memories with.


Couples packages

Bespoke Henna tattoos to celebrate your union.  Traditions around the world adorn the body for  occasions such as Weddings,
Engagements11695843_874453185959251_4560528877133913480_nnts, Anniversaries, Honeymoons or simply a Vacation.  The aroma, which lasts for days, is an aphrodisiac and uplifts the mood while the sensation of having henna paste applied to the skin promotes total relaxation of mind, body and soul.  Finally beautifully intricate and ornate patterns enhance the essence of love and sensuality.

Rejuvenation therapy

By its vewpid-img_20140723_233905.jpgry nature, a henna session is therapeutic; promoting calmness, rest, grounding and even meditation.  Within the comfort of your hotel/residence and our added light hand marma therapy followed by your henna session we will have you ready for your next adventure.  A few of its healing properties include anti inflammatory, antimicrobial, immune stimulant, protectant of the skin from heat and radiation.  Whether you are here to enjoy the mountains or a retreat, this therapy is a great alternative to traditional spa treatments.  We customize our henna pastes for medical therapy, so please let us know if you will be using this therapy for burns, bruises, sprains or muscle and joint pains.  

Intimate Parties (up to 20 guests)

Adding Henna entertainment to your Celebrations is always a blast. Watching designs unfold across your skin is fascinating, absorbing and engaging all at the same time.  Gemstones, mineral pigment paste and body glitter add to festivities and the best part is that henna designs last for weeks after.

Henna Entertainment (20-500 guests)

If you are looking for entertainment for your guests or employees we have the ideal package for you.  Our artists have the capacity to apply 30-35 henna tattoos/hour/artist, with a value between $10-$15 on each person.  We are easily able to add your company logo, monogram or theme to our designs. If you are choosing this as a package add on for your guests (pregnant belly, bridal showers, coming of age celebrations etc.)Receive 25% off this package.

I am Wombyn packages

There are many women’s therapeutic treatments available in our modern world, but few are as simple and natural, or have been enjoyed for as long as real henna adornment.  A gift that brings comfort and relief to through the many transformations of the Feminine journey. Henna offers inflammation reduction and relaxation to tired, tight or 

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cramping muscles and joint pain, Hormonal support, Clarity and Calmness. Additionally it is a rejuvenator of the skin soothing and nourishing stretching, scarring, cracks, burning, itching and bruising.  Under this category we offer our Menopause support, Pregnant Bellies, Henna Crowns and Breast Adornment and Post Natal services.

For bookings and inquiries please call or text 505-603-1034 or email us with your event details.



2 thoughts on “Henna Services & Packages

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  2. Hello. I’m interested in having a henna artist at a baby shower, in order to pain the pregnant mama’s belly, and have smaller designs done on the guests. Could you provide rates for this? We are located in Santa Fe. Thank you!

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