Supplies, Oils and Herbs

We pride ourselves on providing high quality henna supplies and materials as well as other Ayurvedic Herbs, Oils and Butters.

To go directly to our Store Please click here.  Alternatively you may directly order email here and we will send you an invoice.  We accept payment online via paypal, over the phone with credit card and cash/card/certified checks in person.

Shea Butter: 100% pure unrefined raw butter to make your own products or to use for personal use.  Natural sunscreen and long lasting.

Pure Henna Leaf Powder: 100% Pure Henna Leaf powder, which has been tested for its purity.  This is triple sifted, so you will not find any debris, twigs or rocks here.  This is used for both Body art, Therapy and Hair.

Build your own henna kits: These allow both flexibility and personalization.  This is where you can combine a henna artwork gift with a henna kit.   Not only do you get to enjoy beautifully decorated henna trinkets, you will also get to make some henna patterns of your own.  For more information about this product please fill out this form.

Mineral Pigment Paste: This is made in house using cosmetic grade mineral pigments and hypoallergenic gels.   Offered in a variety of colors, this paste leaves a beautiful metallic shimmer.   Great to use alone or to revitalize an henna tattoo.

Fresh Pre made henna Cones: These are also made fresh in house.  They are between 10g and 12g and last a very long time. They cones can also be frozen to keep the freshness and staining power for over 6 months. If being used regularly store in the fridge.

Pre rolled Henna Cones: The hand rolled cones are empty for you to fill up with your own henna paste at your leisure.


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