What to Expect and How to Set for your Appointment

Is this your first Henna Experience?  Well here is what you can expect and how to prepare for your application.

What to Expect at during and after your Application

Henna is a paste that is laid upon the skin into intricate patterns, kind of like icing a cake.  It looks as though you are having your body decorated in chocolate or pudding.  The sensation is instantly relaxing, cooling and even meditative.

At the end of the application you will be left with a 3D pattern that will require you to be attentive as to not smudge it.  We will sit together and wait for this design to dry on the surface (about 15-20 min), which is when a home made sealant is sprayed or dabbed over top.

Finally, when the sealant has dried (about 40 minutes), you will be able to resume your day moving about freely.  The paste will continue to stay on the skin, flaking off gradually throughout the day, until you remove it by scraping it off.

There will be a bright orange, sometimes hard to see, stain left on the skin.  This will continue oxidize and become darker over the next couple of days, changing from orange to browns and burgundies.  You henna tattoo will last anywhere from 3 days to 4 weeks, depending on where on the body your application is and the type of products you use.

How to Prepare your environment for your appointment

If your henna application will be taking place at an event or residence this section is for your.  If you are meeting me in a public place for a private appointment, you can skip over this section.

Henna can be applied both Indoor and Outdoor and does not require much space at all.  Here are a few tips to help you set up an area.

  1. For Indoor applications a nice sunny room or under a light source is most recommended.  Outdoors a cool place out of the sun, but still with enough light to be able to see the details of the work.
  2. An area that will allow move ability as well as comfort.  For pregnant bellies a recliner or chair that can lean back is helpful.  A stool always comes in handy with applications on the belly, feet or legs.  For hands, shoulders, necks the kitchen table is a great idea.  Whereas backs and chest areas are easier if you are lying on a flat surface.
  3. For large parties, an area where guests can watch without shaking or touching the surface that we will be working on is helpful.  This can look like a TV tray surrounded by chairs or arabian tent inspired set up with cushions and places to move about.  If you table is large but sturdy, we will have no problem with shaking when guests lean to watch.
  4. Light snacks and liquids are helpful.  As you will have to wait for your henna to dry, planning for light movement and entertainment while you wait can greatly increase your chances of not smudging your artwork.  This is especially important for Pregnant Bellies, Henna Crowns, Bridal Applications and Chest/Back applications.

*We do have a special little folding chair with attached table that we can bring.  This works well for Large parties where the guests will be applying henna on the upper limbs of the body only. IMG_0083please let us know in advance.**